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Today this post is more about a Rising Brazil1 Con.
It's kind of interview-report of my Cumadi Diana (@ Diana_SPN) who was present at the Con!
We posted the story of Di in Portuguese...Now, here it is in English, read:
(Posted on now in Portuguese and English so that everyone can understand the story!)
Hopefully in the next our dear, Jared, is too!


May 27th - Rising Con Brazil's Eve!!

Starting the packing process and sunddely.... BANG!! I realize and think "MY GOD! IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?"
My mum helps me packing everything, while I was tweeting w/ my Brazilian friends and the Not Brazilian ones too! Everybody wishing me a good trip "BOA SORTE"!! "APROVEITA BASTANTE"! GIVE MISHA A HUG FOR ME"!! "YOU F*** LUCKY GIRL"!! (LOL).And I getting nervous every second!!
Went to make my nails at 10pm (Time I was supposed to be sleeping already). I SWEAR I was going to color them in black but turns out I put pink (PINK NAILS as Chad said to me haha)! PS: His nails were BLACK!!
I was makin my nails and sunddely thought "HEY WHAT ABOUT SOME SPN TO GET INTO ALL THIS CON AIR?" >>> IDJIT ME!! Bad ideia! I started getting more nervous and anxious and thought "STOP,STOP! IM GOING TO MEET CASTIEL/GOD/MISHA TOMORROW. OMG"!!
Done making nails and watchin SPN and went to bed to TRY sleep!! Turns out I slept well, for my surprise haha!
Had to wake up at 3am,'cause I live like 4 hours from São Paulo, and my boyfriend was about to pick me up.
4am?? LETS GOOOO!! And there we go! (traveling.....)....
We arrived at the Hotel at 8:30am, I almost couldnt walk because of so much pain on my feet, but I made it!! haha!!
Arrived (w/ some difficulty after we get lost) at the "CONVENTION CENTER" (like the elevator voice said)!!
Though "OUCH! I'M HERE"!!... A bunch of fans were waiting already!! Some speaking Portuguese, some Spanish and some, English! Had to wait untill I get my badge (w/ a pic of Cas on it, CUTEEE), and went to wait at the line again! I look at my clock "WHOAA 10am). Misha would start the Panel at 10:20am!
Got in the room and found my sit. Waited.... Sunddely that funny Spanish girl warning us: "POR FAVOR, TODOS EN SÚS SITIOS"!!>>> Ok, allright, Im sit!!
10:05am - Misha, Matt and Chad came and the screaming begins!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (you know how is it)! I wasnt believing on that yet, but I was screaming too haha!!
They introduced themselves (I taking pics)...Misha now, alone on the stage talks to us, very happy, friendly and really fancy! Told we are a happy,kind, sweet people. Answered all our questions, some "normal" questions, others not so much. It was amazing!
Then, Matt, our Young John, came out!! Extremely nice too and very sincere (as he said). Said beautiful things about us, called us FAMILY among others compliments! Imitated Jensen and Jared, talked about the "FARTS" of them and all the jokes. Very polite, every time he finished an answer he used to say that charming "OBRIGADO"!!
Then, Photo w/ the fans and Meeting Room w/ Misha!!....
Waited untill 14:30 for our lovely, cute Ash... I mean Chad hahahaha!! OMG, this one is "PEOPLE", if you know what I mean. Very nuce, "sloppy", funny and happy! Answered all our questions, including me who asked " CAN YOU SHOW ME YOR NAILS PLEASE?"... The answer you see on the pic I took!! I also asked him how would be his own heaven, as like Ash had his.He told me his heaven would be full of the people he loves,w/ all the ones who already gone, full of his fans and some dinosaures (BELIEVE, DINOSAURES! HILARIOUS LOOL). Well, for a person who already saw some UFOs, Chad is a really focused guy hahah!!

Heeeee!!! Lunch Break..... WHAT??? Lunch at 15:30pm??? YESS, that's what we fans have to pass through, but it totally worth it!!
Waiting, waiting again till we get called to the Autographs seccion, Heeeee...... WHAT?? WE ARE DISPENSED??? I tweeted "I THING MISHA'S FINGERS ARE HURTING"!!! (thankss for the RTs people <3). Well, I my number was 207, and they stoped at number 200!! Pacience, we waited for nothing hahah!! Ok!! 17:00pm - Went to the Hotel, tooka shower and get in doubt in what I should wear for the Samba Party... Tweeted asking for help (Thankss for the tipd, u guys are amazing!!)!! Got ready and went to the soooo waited Party. Couldnt wait anymore to see our Overlord dancing! It was THE BEST MOMENT of the Con, to me! I had my own moment with Matt, Chad and Misha (OMG)! We chated, gave some laughs, took pics (YES! I ASKED MISHA ABOUT THOSE Q-TIPS, REMEMBER? HE SAID HE SENT MINE!! OK, I'M WAITING MISHA!!)... All the story on the video Ill post!! (I PROMISSE) Misha took my glasses to take pics, OMG!! Hahaha!! After the Party, I wet back to the Hotel and.. gues who were there arriveing at the same time I was???..... John.... I mean Matt and his wife!!! WoooHooo!! Always cute, said a charming "Hello" to me (he said something more that I couldnt get LOL)!! PS: We met again at the breakfast and Chad was there too!! Well, then I got to my room, turned on the TV and guess what was airing??? ..... SUPERNATURAL... Do you know this?? No?? Well, its great, I recomend it!! LOOOL SUNDAY PEOPLE!!!!
I went at the Convention Center again for Matt's Panel! Ok, all calm and quite, sometimes we heard that "POR FAVOR, TODOS EN SÚS SITIOS" (Oh man, I miss this!).. Good! Very Good! Matt enters, give some freaking loud screams and starts the Panel!
Everything is fine and, sunddely, I notice a sudden moviment on the curtain.... OMFG LOOK AT THAT>>>> IT'S THE "PANEL ATTACKER", MISHA, ATTACKING MATT'S PANEL... Woo Hoooooo... ( GOD BLESS YOU MISHA, FOR DOING THIS)!!
Now, picture the scene: Matt caught by surprise, Misha comes, say a basic "HI", sit on that "CHILDREN'S CHAIR" as he said, cross his legs and starts savoring his delicious, cute, warm coffee (Almost pissed my pants laughing)...I got this on my video (SOON, I PROMISSE <3)!! After the "ANGELIC" interruption and a little chat with us, Misha got the hell out of there!! Matt finishes the Panel (more tweets haha)!! 11:00am?? SWEET!! Lets go for the autographs again!....

Misha looked at me and said "OH HI THERE AGAIN, WE MET LAST NIGHT AT THE PARTY!!".... OMG No comments!! hahah!! Got my autographs (Matt wrote a big VALEO at mine LOOL)..
Waited again for my Photo Ops with Misha!!
Picture the scene again: When he saw me, he throwed at me that look "HEYS ITS YOU AGAIN", me, of course, gave him the same look (It was really funny, and we laughed LOL)!! I started to ask him "CAN YOU PI....", and he prontely said "SURE, SURE" (SOOO CUTEEE)... So, he picked me up (OMG OMG OMG... No comments again LOL). We took the pic and... more hugs, Heeeee!! I left all dumb and happy LOL!!
Had lunch, came back for Chad's Panel at 14:00pm. I screamed to him to show his nails again and he, always happy and funny, laughed saying "MMM MY NAILS HAHAHAHA".. Hes friendly!! After that...more waiting for the Photo Ops in group. It was freaking funny too: I said so them "I DONT KNOW, YOU GUYS DO WHATEVER YOU WANT",and so, the cute Misha took my hand (OMG), put at Matt's face and did that pain face "OMG WHAT A COLD HAND" ( Sorry Misha and Matt, I was cold!).. We took the pic and... Heeee, more hugs!!!

At 17:00pm, there we were again listening La Señorita saying "BLA BLA BLA....SÚS SITIOS...BLA BLA BLA"...
That was The Moment!!! Everybody singing, together with the song, "CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON. THERE'LL BE PEACE WHEN YOU'RE DONE....." (Its recorded too!! Ill show you!)... Misha, Chad and Matt came in, with all that grace and charm. Misha, wearing a yellow-green T-Shirt written "GUARANÁ" on it (PERFECT MISHA!!! MORE LAUGHS!), Matt and Chad wearing some yellow hats (FREAKING FUNNY TOO)!!
All of them beautiful, cute, happy,fancy, stunning, etc.... as always!! It was a thrill during all Panel. Misha almos made me pissed my pants again when he said he saw a dog and a cat doing that!! "A DOG AND A CAT????" (Yes Misha, weird things do happen!! LOL)...
Everything was perfect. Misha made a little auction to raise money to help some brazilian Charuty Institution but i think everyone was broke ($$$$). He even did just like that auction hosts LOOL!!
Everything's beautiful, great.... untill the time to say that damn BYE :(((!!!
No, No, No, NOOOOOO... WHY? WHY? WHYYYY?.....
Well, I really dont want to talk about the end, because it's too sad. And YES, I cryed as a babie :(((!!
Okay my friends, that was just a little to summarize everything! There isn't enough words to describe how perfect was to meet Matt (VALEOOOO), Chad (BLACK NAILS) and my HERO, MISHA (THE MAN WHO TOOK MY GLASSES)!!!
I loved write it and share with you, fans!!
Hope I can see you all ext year, together again, and make new hunters friends!!



After reading the vision of Di on Rising Con Brazil1...Look at her photo album::

Rising Con Brazil1 - SPN - Albúm By @Diana_SPN

(Obrigada Cumadi Di!)
Thanks Di!

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