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Our friend Diana is in Con Brazil Rising and there is sending news directly to us!
Below are the news in English - we will have news for all to understand, and in the next post I will translate them!
See below:

(Nossa Amiga Diana está na Rising Con Brasil e está mandando norícias de lá direto pra nós!!
Abaixo seguem as notícias em Inglês - teremos notícias para que todos possam entender,e nos proximos post irei traduzi-lás!
Vejam abaixo:)

Notícias direto da Rising Con Brasil:

-Talk to u later! Have to back there for Chad Panel! *hugs*

-And that he wouldnt have any problem in doing some 'naked' job!

-Matt said he almost got the job in True Blood! Wow!

-And every time we see Cas serious its one in 10 scenes he has to do! LOL

-Misha said that every scene he has to shoot like 10 times, 'cause so much laugh that JJs causes!

-Matt told that he would love to play #JackSparrow, believe that? Haha

-Matt said that Jared and Jensen make jokes all the time!!

-Matt is so cute and funny too. He was imitating Jared and Jensen! He even danced to us!

-Misha also told that he bought a sun glasses on '25 De Março'! Brazilian friends know what this mean! LOL

-Misha said a few words in portuguese! So funny! And he said he's loving Brazil!
He is so cute and funny!!

-EXCLUSIVE! Misha said that when he read the script for season6, Cas was supposed to die, but sunddely they changed!

-Misha said that he freaked out when he knew he was going to play God! 'HOW THE HELL CAN I PLAY GOD?"

-Misha said that he doesnt know what will happen to Cas,but that now he's kinda dark and mean!

-Hey bbs. Matt panel just finished! Going to have some lunch!

-Matt is imitating Jared and Jensen!

-Misha is freaking funny! Ill tell u later. Now we have Matt!
Now we have Matt! Yuppp

-LOOOL Misha said that @Mark_Sheppard has a soft tongue! LOL
MISHA, Chad and Matt are Hereee!

-Hello #RisingConBrazil!!! We hope you all have the #Supernatural time of your lives and tweet it if you can! Go nuts!

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